I can help you with the following:

Catalogs and Brochures

Easy to dispense, but full of information. I’ll help you organize your content and lay it out in such a way as to compel your clients to keep turning pages.

Internal Collateral

Sales kits, folders, letterhead, and all other manner of nice looking pieces for use in and around your office.

One-sheets and Flyers

Sometimes you only need one page to get your message across. Let me help you make that message as powerful as possible.

Large Installations

Your message doesn’t always fit in your hand. Sometimes a billboard or other signage is what you need.

Some printed collateral I’ve helped other clients with:

Irie Jamaican Kitchen

A locally owned restaurant wanted a new menu to showcase the unique vibe of their business.

12th House Interiors

An upscale painting company needed a brochure to show of the variety and quality of their work.

Vantage Hospitality

The parent company to a pair of nationwide hotel chains that used a wide variety of printed materials both internally and externally. I worked in-house with them to create sales folders, business cards, promotional kits, lodging directories, and more.

Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

I worked with a non-profit, AbolisionistMom, that had teamed up with various cities throughout California to create a two-part awareness campaign to battle child sex trafficking. The campaign was split into billboards and bus stops, each with three variant messages. These were placed all over the city, and subsequently other cities throughout the state as talk about the issue spread.

Unico Sports Catalog

A clothing and supplies retailer asked for a clean redesign of their catalog.