I can help you with the following:

Character Design

Have a cool idea for a character or story but don’t know what it should look like? I’ve got a lifetime’s worth of experience drawing in the margins of more important work to help you nail the perfect look.

Hand Drawn Illustration

Good old pencils and paper. When you want a touch of personality and charm, even the silliest character looks inviting.

Vector Illustration

Drawings with a little more style, either flattened or textured. Infinitely scalable and editable, infinitely fantastic.

Clothing and Apparel

Illustration can go on anything, but people seem to enjoy wearing things and drinking out of things with characters on them.

Some pictures I’ve helped other clients with:

Hi Hungry, I’m Dad

An online shirt store selling Dad Jokes and related merchandise.

Good Night Monsters

A children’s book featuring a little girl and a lot of weird monsters.

College Bigfoots

Used in various pieces during Homecoming Week at Hiram College, these bigfoots celebrated all aspects of student life.

Character Designs

These guys are just too adorable not to share, even though their associated projects did not launch.